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January 21, 2019 | 85 Views

Humayun pre-planned Zoya’s abduction, Humayun married Zoya and trapped her for money and mental comfort seems like Humayun is suffering from a mental disease and for his sort of comfort, he traps women and then gets rid of them asap!



Guilty as charged, with it all not being so secretive, we couldn’t help Zoya and Ahad but wish Zoya happiness after the big step. Although Zoya expressed her guilt before Ahad, Zoya who was in love with Humayun is not looking for chances to get out of his trap. Even Ahad got lead against Humayun and for that, he hated the fact that Ayesha told a lie and kept Humayun’s identity hidden throughout! Since Ayesha had nothing to say in her defence she kept her feelings aside and advised Ahad to save Zoya.



Now, Zoya is in Humayun’s trap, as Humayun himself exposed the reality of marrying Zoya. Moreover, Daud Shah has joined the company back and looking at the current situation of the company, he is in extreme doubts! Even Ahad tried to call Pinky aunty, instead, she refused to help as she think Zoya needs some space on her honeymoon, also following Humayun’s direction Daud Shah’s nurse is continuously putting him on drugs, will Ahad be able to save Shah family from Humayun’s maw?


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What to watch Tonight On Your Favorite Tv Channel TvOnePk?

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