What to watch tonight on your favorite channel TvOnePk?

January 29, 2019 | 25 Views

“Naulakha” portrays human feelings in such a reasonable way, to the point that it keeps you glued to the screen.

Naulakha started with Tehreem’s conversation with a friend regarding Hammad’s proposal and the fact that she wants to get rid of Zain Ali and she couldn’t find a way because her mother won’t let her offer Naulakha against freedom.





Moreover, Zain Ali and Shafaq are facing the worst times of their life, on one hand, they are facing financial issues, and on the other hand, Nael is suffering from heart disease and he will only recover with an immediate operation and for that the couple requires funds.





Needless to say that Shafaq and Noor Jahan married Zain Ali for Naulakha and other financial benefits, since Tehreem was the block in the road, Shafaq and Noor Jahan cleared their way with brilliance, however they didn’t know the fact that Anwar Ali was keeping an eye on the property, and transferred everything in Qurat’s account. Now, Zain Ali and Shafaq are in dire need of funds, and Tehreem is making her ways to get rid of Zain Ali and Naulakha, Will Tehreem be able to separate from Zain Ali or she will be forced to happily ever after?

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What to watch tonight on your favorite channel TvOnePk?

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