What to watch tonight on your favorite Channel TvOnePk?

January 25, 2019 | 69 Views

Daniyal wants Rabiya and Fasih to get out of his house!, will his mother be able to send Fasih away from her shelter? Watch tonight!



We live in a society where women are accused of every bad that happens in the surrounding, so happened in the recent episode when Iman’s family came to apologize on her behaviour, they came to know that Daniyal isn’t interested to continue his relationship with Rabiya, moreover he isn’t interested to even take his approval for the second marriage, because according to him he’s stuck in a forceful marriage.




Moreover, Fasih tries to explain Iman that she is pregnant and should respect the child nurturing inside, however, Iman ignores the fact that she is pregnant and expresses her thoughts for abortion. Will Iman give birth to Fasih’s child or she will abort the little being for her good?


Watch Kasak Rahay Ge, tonight at 8 pm only on TvOne.

What to watch tonight on your favorite Channel TvOnePk?

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