What to watch tonight on your favorite channel TvOnePk?

December 31, 2018 | 98 Views

Intense stories, tangled lifestyles and mindblowing performance only on your favourite channel TvOne.


The episode starts with Ahad and Zoya’s conversation, where Ahad congratulates Zoya with a heavy heart, Zoya inquires the reason behind the strain in the voice, which Ahad reminds her the times they spent together.

Moreover, Zoya tries to hate Ahad at the moment, instead, she showers her love on him, and said that she won’t take a moment to turn tables, but Humayun is the best person to get married. Zoya’s wedding preps were on a swing last night, Dholki, Dance and Hungama were at the peak, however, the flashback from past aren’t leaving Zoya and moments she spent with her ammo is making her feel bad like she’s in a doubt or something won’t work out between Zoya and Humayun.



Ro Raha Hai Dil, managed to intrigue audience with a strong performance, Zoya and Humayun are getting married, whereas Ahad still keeps being a strong corner, also in the promo Zoya’s professed with Ahad, and Mariam getting a look of Humayun as Zoya’s husband? Will Zoya ever get to know Humayun’s reality? Watch the promo and decide.


What to watch tonight on your favorite channel TvOnePk?

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