The Jealousy and the run for Naulakha Continues….

August 15, 2018 | 22 Views

Tehreem and Zain having quality time together, while Shafaq is still  waiting for a chance to entice Zain.

7th Sky Entertainment and TvOne delivering Naulakha, an impactful script continues to intrigue audience in it’s second week. With Naulakha TvOne brings the concept of traditional values to its audiences, and the jealousy with the run for a traditional naulakha portrays great writing with directorial skills.




The story naulakha is about a family necklace which is supposed to be the winner of the clan, and currently, Zain Ali is the custodian of naulakha whereas his beloved phuphu and bari ammi is fighting for naulakha s with Zain, Tehreem and Shafaq. Tehreem, a young and talented broadminded girl doesn’t hold any interest in naulkha but Zain. Also Shafaq, she knows the importance of naulakha also Zain. While Tehreem and Shafaq enjoy Shafaq’s city tour, Zain celebrates his friendship with Tehreem by gifting her an expensive pendant, however, the pendant created a lot buzz in the haveli and Tehreem’s mother was the only one rejoicing Zain’s gesture.




In the second segment, after Tehreem decides to visit haveli with Zain and Shafaq, Noor Jehan gave the same gesture as Tehreem’s mother as she wasn’t expecting Tehreem to be accompanying Zain and Shafaq. Similarly, Tehreem’s sister in law didn’t like her getting close with Shafaq also mentioned that her belongings are not equal to naulakha and Shafaq’s accusations were wrong, and she’s ready to reveal her wedding dress, which Tehreem ignored and directed Shafaq to follow her. On the other hand, Noor Jehan is a little more worried about Shafaq and Zain’s relationship than ever, and she requested Ahmed Ali to fulfil his promise of Zain and Shafaq’s marriage.




A roller coaster of emotions, jealousy and the run for naulakha continues to tempt audiences. Bushra Ansari with her strong performance rules naulakha, while Gul-e-Rana is like a face to word greed. Also, Behroz Sabzwari, Sarwat Gilani and others are like a cherry on the top. Each passing episode is intriguing and perplexing, none can suspect the prime of naulakha, and Zain’s choice for marriage.

Shafaq or Tehreem, who looks better with Zain?

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The Jealousy and the run for Naulakha Continues….

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