The Best Drama Characters Of Year 2017

Sassi (O Rangreza)

A girl who is unapologetically herself, who doesn’t have any filters and she is someone who doesn’t believe in societal boundaries. Sassi even at such a tender age has no hesitation in going all out for what she wants to achieve even if it means putting herself in danger. Sassi wants nothing but a thrilling life that too which she will shape up on her own terms and it is interesting to see a character like her that has so many shades.

Hayat ( Yeh Raha Dil)

A girl who selflessly loved her people, be it her friends or her family. Hayat was all about honesty and she was so self-sufficient that when faced with one of the biggest challenges of her life, she accepted it with a smile on her face. It was refreshing to see a character like Hayat who had nothing but a whole lot of confidence in herself that she can achieve whatever she dreams of.

Fatima ( Yeh Raha Dil)

Fatima was honest and someone who unapologetically owned everything that she did. She was a mix of sugar and spice, where despite having a rocky relationship with her husband, she did everything to make sure that her daughter doesn’t face the brunt of it and she was open to correction, that is why after her step daughter tried to show her the right path, she happily followed.

Haroon ( Yeh Raha Dil)

After a long time, the drama buffs came across a dad as cool as Haroon who had a great sense of humor but a lot of wisdom as well. Haroon was one of those rare fathers who saw fault in his own son and was completely aware of his son’s shortcomings. All the things that Haroon would say to his son Zaki made his character likeable because he not only gave him lessons to lead a good life but also kept him in check of his deeds.

Asfand Yar ( Yakeen Ka Safar)

A happy go lucky guy who never ever imagined that his life will take away a few of people that he dearly loved; his brother and his fiancée and after facing such hardships, he was forced to change but only for the better. Asfand believed in helping others no matter what and even though he closed the doors of his heart completely, he never really allowed that to stop him from doing good to others. Asfand also happens to be someone who was truly dedicated to his profession, that is why he ended up garnering so much of respect for his selfless efforts.

Zubiya ( Yakeen Ka Safar)

After coming from a dysfunctional family and committing a big mistake in her early life, Zubiya not only picked herself up but made sure to become so strong that she could empower all such women who she found weak and vulnerable. Zubiya spent years and years facing the brunt of her past mistakes but she didn’t let it deter her once she made up her mind that she was not going to let her past shape up her future.

Daniyal ( Yakeen Ka Safar)

A man who stood by the right, against all odds. Daniyal was a man of his word and that is why despite facing one obstacle after the other, he didn’t back out from the promise he made to the rape victim that he was supporting. Daniyal knew that his life was in danger but even that didn’t stop him because for him, bringing justice to one person was worth sacrificing his life for. Daniyal surely made a place in the heart for the viewers that is why his death left everyone teary eyed.

Najma (Khuda Aur Mohabbat)

One positive character that despite not having a family of her own knew how to form such relationships with love, respect and care. Najma came in Hammad’s life as a sister, a guide and a support system when he had no where to go to and it was only because of Najma, that he decided to shape up his future. Hammad and Najma’s conversations were not only meaningful and deep but used to be the highlight of the episodes.

Dariya (Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua)

Dariya’s character is in this list because although she is part of a love triangle yet there isn’t an ounce of desperation in the way she interacts with the man she loves but has very little hope of getting. The amount of self-respect she has sets her apart from other characters which the viewers would put in the same category. Dariya is practical, sensitive, intelligent and extremely likeable.

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