Sadaf Kanwal is breaking the internet again!! Here’s why..

November 10, 2018 | 93 Views

Sadaf Kanwal’s sizzling dance moves are extremely popular in the industry and has created a buzz among the fans.

The fans are always excited and eager to get a glimpse of Sadaf and her popularity is increasing with every passing day. This time it’s just about her dancing moves but her words which lit the fire on social media.

Recently, Recently, a clip of Kanwal singing ‘Gulabi Akhien’ is breaking the internet with mixed reviews. In the video, Sadaf is singing famous period song Gulabi Akhien with Haseeb Hasan. And people literally bombarded her comment feed with hateful comments and an appeal to never sing again. But this time something else got her into the trouble, in an interview with HSY Sadaf said, “Some people don’t have the courage to talk, so they talk about the incident much later, which makes no sense.” She actually condemned the #Metoo movement and according to her speaking about the molestation years after the incident is of no use rather SAASTI publicity,


Oh, Sadaf! Why are you so blunt & Why can’t haters stop hating you?


Sadaf Kanwal is breaking the internet again!! Here’s why..

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