Ro Raha Hai Dil Episode 2- Zoya takes her hatred for Daud and his family to another level…

September 5, 2018 | 7 Views

Brave and fearless Zoya continues to hate her father and his family for her past where her mother had to suffer from a rare disease. And her father ignored to her death. In the second episode, Zoya came to meet her mother with Daud Shah and remembered the most hated moments in her life.


In the second scene, two new characters were introduced, since Daud Shah is pretty concerned about Zoya he doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to please Zoya. Also after a very long span, Daud Shah came to office and tried to settle down and handed over his work to Humayun instead. Daud Shah is ageing and that clearly shows the distress in his attitude.



On the other hand, while was practising her classical dance her phuphu interrupted her for nothing and faced a backlash. She would’ve stopped Zoya being the eldest in her family, but Zoya failed to let her defer in the matter. Also, Phuphu Begum raised her voice against the dance and culture being promoted at her brother’s house, but Zoya clarified her doubts about remembering the old times when Phuphu begum supported her brother’s deeds.


Ever since Phuphu Begum came to Zoya’s territory she’s been acting weird, maybe she wants to show her phuphu the evilest side of her’s, moreover, when Ahad inquired about his Mami’s death his mother remained consistent with the story.




Ro Raha Hai Dil seems to be moving around Zoya’s hatred and Ahad’s one-sided love but Humayun have an interesting side to offer as the plot continues, Humayun will control Daud Shah’s territory, but he might ignore his personal life and continue to get attracted with Zoya.


Ahad ( Junaid Khan) is in love with Zoya and trying hard so far. However, Zoya wants him to stay away, even when it came to attending concert she clearly rejected his proposal, all Ahad could do was to act as a crazy stalker, but he did tell Zoya nothing started between them and he is no more interested in her.


Writer Sameena Nazeer brought a strong story on screen through BQ ‘s direction, we just love how the tangled relationships had a spark which could bring close relationships together. Zoya and Ahad are doing well on screen, also Humayun who is trying to takeover Daud Shah’s mess and he managed to impress his fans with his first glance in the second episode of Ro Raha Hai Dil, as the first episode was in trend on Youtube and we can’t wait for the story to unfold in the upcoming episodes.


Will Humayun be able to takeover Daud Shah’s territory and Zoya’s affection?

Ro Raha Hai Dil Episode 2- Zoya takes her hatred for Daud and his family to another level…

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