Naulakha: Will Zain Be Able To Prove His Love For Tehreem – Read Here

September 12, 2018 | 83 Views

Zain Ali’s love for Tehreem or Shafaq’s life on stake nothing can make it more interesting Naulakha than this love triangle.



It’s been 22 days that Zain Ali’s had left his home for Tehreem’s love however, Tehreem has a clear vision and she won’t say yes anyway, but the shift we saw in the first few scenes of Naulakha that Tehreem’s sister in law and her Mamu is trying to act smart just because they know how Naulakha is involved in this bout and it’s the best chance to grab the deal.


Finally, Zain Ali addresses and he was at home in severe condition. Also, immediately delivered to the hospital. At the same time At the same time, Noor Jahan reaches there, Also Mumtaz comes to Noor Jahan in a bitter mood. All the people, where the others still think Noor Jahan is responsible for this matter.



Moreover, Doctors inquire about Zain’s disease and gave their final verdict to the family, however, it was just stress which caught Zain Ali but we think It will favour Zain and Tehreem in the end.



Also, Noor Jahan who still holds the greed against Mumtaz and Tehreem is waiting for Zain’s return and she might turntable for the rest of the family but in this case, we should wait till Shafaq makes her decision whether she wants to marry Zain Ali or reject him for Tehreem.


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Naulakha: Will Zain Be Able To Prove His Love For Tehreem – Read Here

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