Naulakha In Review: Shafaq or Tehreem; Is Zain Still Confused?

December 13, 2018 | 40 Views

Shafaq’s moist eyes and a bag full of dreams, finally Noor Jahan got her daughter hitched with Zain Ali. But instead being happy with Shafaq, Zain Ali looked confused in the 19th episode of Naulakha.



The episode started with Zain Ali and Shafaq budding romance, which was obviously initiated by Shafaq, to support the Shafaq’s affection Zain Ali tried to act normal, however, Zain Ali is suffering from guilt, which is tearing him apart every day! Did you imagine Zain Ali marrying Shafaq, betraying Tehreem, actually the pressure enforced him to do so, as he went to meet Tehreem, where Rohail threatened him to divorce, and he didn’t because wasn’t agreeing to it, do you think Zain Ali did right, on hand he is being extremely nice with Shafaq and planning to start a family with her and on the other hand, he is expecting Tehreem to return?



Tehreem who thought Shafaq was her soul sister, was coined by her only, as Noor Jahan had an idea about Tehreem’s nature planned, and forced her to leave haveli, thought Zain has clue about what actually happened with his relationship with Tehreem, why can’t he just forget Tehreem?



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Naulakha In Review: Shafaq or Tehreem; Is Zain Still Confused?

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