Nadia Hussain Challenges Mahira Khan, Mawra, Sajal and Ayesha Omar To ….

Nadia Hussain, the queen of odds loves to be in the limelight on Instagram for various reasons. Recently her fans trolled her for her surgeries and objectionable makeovers. However, Nadia didn’t come slowly for a second and put up her verdict, neither political nor plastered, her’s was audacious and dauntless.

Then, Nadia put her family picture her up, and the social – Jihadis went overboard and criticized her daughter’s looks.



Nadia being a protective Mother, step out and lashed out half of her Instagram audience for being a prejudice. Also, we saw this actress sorting her audiences, and making it clear that bashing isn’t going to work here.



All in all, Nadia had those guts to shut the hostiles, and we loved the fact that she set a benchmark for all of us.

But, the story didn’t end here, it was just a cold beginning for her. People knew she’s going to take it to another level, and she did this weekend. Sunday morning Nadia put this status up on her social media.



And it was just as we were expecting it to be, Nadia challenged Mahira Khan, Mawra Hoccane, Sajal and Ayesha Omar to put their No makeup looks, and by that she meant #Wokeupthisway; would anyone of you dare to do that?



We don’t think so and, would love to see if the mentioned Divas would be able to put their #Wokeupthisway pictures.

For more updates on this hashtag stay connected.

Nadia Hussain Challenges Mahira Khan, Mawra, Sajal and Ayesha Omar To ….

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