Maryam Pereira: Ali ‘s defiance against his father .. Read more

November 29, 2018 | 38 Views

Ayub Khosa and Saadia Khan were the highlights of the episode. Ahsan Khan also shined as a strong-willed and educated Baloch Sardar.



After teasing the audiences with the thought-provoking relationship between Maryam Pereira and Sufiyan for so long, “Maryam Pereira” aired this Wednesday with yet another twist where Saadia Khan “Maryam Pereira” gets Ahsan Khan “Ali” ‘s sympathy.



Based on Christian communities and their social issues, Maryam Pereira has an intriguing plot that encompasses the issues faced by the Christian community, But the strongest allure of the story is the bond between a Christian girl and Muslim boy, Ali is a Muslim guy who teaches at a university with Maryam Pereira who is a Christian girl fighting against Baloch sardars who are after the oldest land owned by the Christians living in Karachi. Although Ali is a Baloch Sardar himself and wants to fight against the land mafia the only thing which is stopping him to do so is his father’s involvement in the case. Last night’s episode began with Ali’s argument with his mother who overheard Maryam Pereira’s name while he was fighting with his father with the Christian community.



On the other hand, Maryam Pereira who lost her faith in herself just left the job at the college and Ali is quite a spectacle about the fact that he wanted Maryam Pereira to fight back but she met a breakdown and thought to keep herself away for some time. Maybe Ali should’ve supported her at the front rather than expecting much from Maryam. Moreover, it’s not just about the community now, Maryam’s sister is giving her the hardest time, also her boyfriend tried to flirt with Maryam and gave her filthy offers thinking her depression will take over the emotions. All in all, there’s a lot of confusion in Maryam’s life, the flashbacks from her relationship with Sufyan haunt her, even Jenny’s matter is getting quite intense along with the community chapter, what should be the priority for Maryam, would Ali be able to help her going against his father?



All this and much more we can’t predict enough as yet. Watch Maryam Pereira every Wednesday at 8 pm on TvOnePk

Maryam Pereira: Ali ‘s defiance against his father .. Read more

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