Learn to keep the best Sunglasses In Town With Aiman Khan

August 3, 2018 | 160 Views

Gorgeous Aiman Khan leaves no stone upturned to keep her self in our top influencers list. From her on-point fashion to the brilliant craft on screen Aiman shines a light on everything in her way. Moreover, It’s very important for a celebrity to keep herself well maintained and update to date, which she manages pretty well.

Recently we did a couple of lifestyle-related articles and our readers demanded more, so thought to do an eyewear guide, and literally, I had nothing to not to choose Aiman for this. So, happy learning; The best Sunglasses In Town With Aiman Khan:

Perfect Eye wear at the beach:

Summers calls for beaching, and trust me whenever someone says beach I just instantly take my bag, and go shopping some eyewear, but here looking at Aiman, damn she has such beautiful pair to wear at the beach.



Flaunting with the twin:

So, everyone knows Aiman and Minaal are twins, and their style game is pretty similar but looking at this particular picture I want to comment on how different options these girls have to pair each day.



Round ones!

Rounded Pairs are just loved! I might sound bias but literally looking at Aiman it’s just perfect, and she using a different pair to match her travel games with Minaal.



At work:

Working goals are pretty casual, and for work, we need some decent pair of sunglasses, and this one in the picture looks perfect for heading out to work.




Like seriously! Girls don’t even like sportswear but after this picture, I am surely getting for my self. It’s literally making her face edge pop and fits perfect.

Learn to keep the best Sunglasses In Town With Aiman Khan

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