In Review: Will Zeba be able to find the real culprit behind Sana’s abduction

September 14, 2018 | 9 Views

Jealous is a disease, we heard that immature minds make mistake while in Zeb’s case her mature uncle and her father’s best friend was behind Sana’s abduction happened in the first episode, but will Sana be able to find the real culprit.





In the second episode when Zeb called Sharjeel uncle that scamp didn’t take a minute to sympathize with his dearest friend’s daughters. Also, he was annoyed to see Asad because he was the one who saved Sana from his trap, although he still doesn’t know much about uncle’s involvement soon he will find it out. Sharjeel Uncle the ultimate culprit wanted to wrap the deed asap! But Zeba still thinks they should be concentrated on the cause of the event, however, uncle tried his best to shut the matter so that he can plan another and questioned Asad presence at that time of the night. Moreover, he tried to manipulate Zeba against Sana and Asad’s closeness and forced to drill Sana against the odds.

Adhuri Kahani is an amalgamation of suspense and sheer romance but the story predicts a triangle in making also Sharjeel uncle’s greed will spice the plot further.


How far Asad and Sana will progress in Zeba’s comfort or Asad will accept her proposal?

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In Review: Will Zeba be able to find the real culprit behind Sana’s abduction

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