In Review: Tehreem demands Divorce in Naulakha!

January 2, 2019 | 216 Views

Zain Ali and Tehreem met after a decade in the latest episode of Naulakha. In the 22nd episode, Tehreem demands a divorce from Zain and to live happily with Shafaq! Shafaq who faced miscarriage in the absence of Zain is expecting again, moreover, Noor Jahan wants to hide the news to avoid evil eye, who’s going to keep an evil eye, Tehreem?



The episode started with Zain Ali confronting Tehreem regarding her decisions and wants to take her back. Since Naulakha and Tehreem’s divorce is going to go hand in hand Tehreem demands a divorce, and warns Zain to keep the papers read! Though Zain’s anxiety against another miscarriage grew bigger with the news of Shafaq’s pregnancy, he totally thinks that he shouldn’t have tried to become a father once Tehreem miscarried his child, the destiny isn’t with him in the case. Since Tehreem is unaware about Shafaq’s miscarriage she wants to go back to Zain, also she wants him to leave Shafaq! Will Tehreem be able to give birth to their child?



Though Shafaq shouldn’t keep a soft corner for Tehreem, instead she thinks the problems in her’s and Zain’s life is just because Tehreem isn’t happy and her loneliness will make it worse for their married life, she also promotes Zain’s liking for Tehreem, whether by heart or by guilt, Shafaq is one of the best-supporting characters till date! Also, her assertive thinking for Zain and Tehreem are giving us major friendship goals. Shafaq is hopeless, she never wanted to lose her child, also she is witnessing the same gestures as Tehreem, and she thinks Noor Jahan did injustice with Tehreem, and nature is turning tables, that day it was Tehreem who lost motherhood, and the other day Its Shafaq who lost her child. Now, how will Zain Ali deal with the situation, his father thinks the wish of being grandfather wouldn’t be fulfiled ever, and Noor Jahan thinks she would fix everything like before! Also, Tehreem and Zain are in the decisive mode, how will things progress, we will have to wait for the next episode.

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In Review: Tehreem demands Divorce in Naulakha!

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