In Review Naulakha: Tehreem, Coping with grief after the loss of her child!

November 14, 2018 | 504 Views

Sarwat Gilani is exceptional, playing grief on screen is the toughest job and she is brilliant!

Powerful performances define the drama! And these performances keep Naulakha in Youtube trending every week. Naulakha is an absolute perfection, only some week old naulakha has left the audience spellbound. This week Naulakha meet a twist when  Qurat-ul-Ain gave Samar to Tehreem and Zain, adopted Samar will live with Tehreem forever.


In the first scene of the 15th episode, Zain begged for Tehreem’s life before Rohail and Qurat-ul- Ain, which initially Qurat refused although she changed her mind and disclosed Samar’s adoption to the family and received much appreciation from everyone.


Tehreem and Zain returned Haveli with Samar and received cold responses from everyone! Moreover, Noor Jahan manipulated Akbar Ali with a thought that adopting Samar was planted by Anwar Ali and he aiming to get the Naulkha and the property in future.


On the other hand, Zain is short of funds and he has requested Akbar Ali for the cash, however Akbar Ali refuses to provide the
desired amount as Anwar Ali thinks the owner of the property is Samar and everything will be given to the adopted and the only child of Zain Ali, as he is the only successor of the throne. Moreover, Zain Ali feels ashamed of the proposal and regrets adopting Samar.


What will happen next will Zain Ali be able to return Samar to his actual parents or he has to choose the other option which is to do a second marriage and give birth to the successor.


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In Review Naulakha: Tehreem, Coping with grief after the loss of her child!

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