In Review Maryam Pereira: Will Sadiq Khan & Maryam ever marry?

November 15, 2018 | 377 Views

5 Episodes down Sadiq Khan still holds the desire to marry Maryam Pereira and Maryam still hates his faces!

Maryam Pereira focuses on thought-provoking issues of our society, We are so glad to see that issues being raised each passing episode. From Muslim-Christian love story to a story of strong women fighting with Land Mafia, Maryam Pereira has everything to keep our interests alive.

Maryam Pereira rejected Sadiq Khan twice in the previous episode and last night was the third time when Maryam refused to buy Sadiq Khan’s affection. Also, this time Ali heard Sadiq Khan talking about Maryam and how he will strangle her once he gets married to Maryam, however, Ali looked extremely furious and thought to interrupt but left because he wasn’t sure whether it was about the same Maryam.

Maryam is trying her level best to ignore Sadiq Khan and focus on sister Jenny, who is getting out of control for Peter who is least interest to marry her. However, Maryam’s friend explains the way Peter is manipulating Jenny and suggested Maryam set up back and focus on her career. Although Maryam is not sitting and mopping around but Jenny and her relationship with Sufyan are bothering her. Instead, Maryam should leading her life with confidence, she is in deep depression and finding ways to keep her self away from everything. Last night, despite having an argument leading to breakup with Sufiyan, Maryam misses Sufiyan and secretly wish to have him back in her life.

While Sufiyan isn’t doing well and his dadi on a verge to get him hitched asap! Since Maryam didn’t explain to him the reason behind her refusal and she deliberately misbehaved with Sufiyan’s father, he is in an utter state of shock and unable to cope with the loss.

If we talk about the episode over all this week Maryam Pereira had more flashbacks and Ali supporting Maryam Pereira going against his father. Ahsan Khan and Sadia Khan make a lovely pair on screen but it’s still very early to predict who will live happily ever after with Maryam Pereira.

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In Review Maryam Pereira: Will Sadiq Khan & Maryam ever marry?

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