In Review: Christian Colony under threat of Land Mafia! Will Maryam Pereira be able to save her community?

October 18, 2018 | 1232 Views

Maryam Pereira’s Christian colony is under threat of land mafia. Hakim Ali is using different tactics to deprive the community of their rightful ownership. The matter caught heat when Hakim Ali paid a visit to the Christian colony and met Maryam Periera while manipulating the residents. Since Maryam is very subtle and well behaved we saw a completely different look of her character when it comes to her community, she was extremely furious last night and was anxious to save her community from the goons.


On the other hand, Ali (Ahsan Khan) returns home and was informed about his selection for the upcoming elections. Since Ali has no interest in politics he refuses to accept the nomination but his father insists that he should take part as he desperately needs someone to take over his place.


Such contrast, no? Indeed, Ali has his own plans and he can’t just push himself to do anything for the sake of his father’s desire. Also when knowing Hakim Ali’s plan to build a tower demolishing the oldest Christian residency in the city it is impossible for Ali to stand by his father.

Moreover, Maryam Pereira is going through the toughest phase of her life where her community is under Hakim Ali’s threat, her sister Jenny is getting out of control, Sufiyan’s Dadi is against their marriage and as a result she is so much confused that she can’t even decide what’s right and what’s wrong for her future. By now we know Maryam Pereira is the strongest character in the story and her impact is so strong that Ali immediately got fascinated by her personality. For now, Maryam doesn’t know Ali’s connection with Hakim Ali and she is treating him like a regular colleague.

As of now, Maryam is going through a lot in her life. On one hand, Maryam’s relationship with Sufiyan is at a stake as his dadi’s recalcitrance will make it difficult for them to continue their relationship and on the other hand her community under threat of Land Mafia.


Will Maryam Pereira be able to save her relationship with Sufiyan and her community from Land Mafia?

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In Review: Christian Colony under threat of Land Mafia! Will Maryam Pereira be able to save her community?

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