In Review Adhuri Kahani: Stepmother Matters!

October 5, 2018 | 23 Views

Family means a lot especially when it’s filled with someone whom you love the most. Stepmothers are stamped to be evil, in Adhuri Kahani it’s different. Tehseen a new character is introduced in the fourth episode and she is stepmother to Zeba and Sana. Stepmother the words hit emotions hards however Sana had such dark memories that she cant even stand Tehseen but Zeba understands Tehseen’s position also she invites her to meet Asad and his father on dinner.

Khalid Butt plays the character of Asad’s father in the serial who loved every bit of his meeting with Tehseen, as she is a former actress and he was her fans back in times, the conversation went sooth till she declared Asad’s role after his marriage with Zeba. Asad and Zeba were afraid of revealing the truth but Tehseen went forward and explained his father the real deal.

In the meanwhile, Zeba’s uncle gives his entry in the episode and tries to mould Tehseen which she did ignore for some time but managed to give him the needed attention. However, Sharjeel uncle looks pretty interested in his late friend’s wife although his revenge did take over last night and he kept his lust aside for a reason. Also, Asad skipping office tried to close himself in a shell but his father agrees upon his and Zeba’s decision and went to congratulate Tehseen where he met Sana and mocked a little.

Now, Asad is still afraid of living without his father and Zeba is sticking to her decision of keeping Asad in the house. How will it roll to marriage we need to wait a bit and let the story to unfold a little more.

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In Review Adhuri Kahani: Stepmother Matters!

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