In Review: Adhuri Kahani bids adieu to Adnan “Imran Ashraf”

November 30, 2018 | 33 Views

While our Thursdays will never be the same

without Imran Ashraf as adhuri kahani bids adieu to Adnan.

It was earlier shown that Adnan’s murder was planned by Sharjeel uncle, and to our surprise Zeba met an accident as well at the same time, however, we saw Sharjeel uncle planning for Adnan’s murder and Zeba wasn’t included in the plan, but it looks like was Sharjeel uncle’s good day that Zeba met a tragic accident.

It’s a sad day for Sana, who wished to start life with Adnan who lost the battle taking the last breath without Sana. After a roller coaster ride of emotions, Zeba finally said yes for Sana and Adnan’s marriage, Adnan has finally departed after his tragic attempt to murder in last night’s episode.

The decision of Sana and Adnan’s marriage was very difficult for Zeba and only Sharjeel uncle’s urge made her change the decision. Let’s face it we all want to know what’s in Sharjeel uncle’s mind while planning Sana’s marriage with Adnan. And in last night’s episode, it became crystal clear that Sana’s stepmom was right about Sharjeel uncle’s intention, and there was something cruel going in his head while appealing for Sana and Adnan’s marriage.

On the other hand, Zeba planned the best for her sister and went on lunch to meet Adnan’s family, however, Sharjeel uncle hates Sana and Zeba, he can’t go in there favour and to hear get the glance of his evil trick Sana’s stepmom paid him a visit. Although Sana’s stepmom had a rough idea of Sharjeel’s devilish tricks she rather chooses to go with her instincts.

On the other hand, Sharjeel uncle was completely satisfied with his plan and waited for Adnan’s scream while Zeba Zeba managed to accompany him on the way. since Sharjeel uncle planned Adnan’s murder so well Adnan instantly fell on the street and took the last breath of his life and left Sana teary-eyed forever also Zeba’s critical condition is giving her fans panic attacks because she might not wake up again! But as the story progressed this week we saw a noticeable change in Zeba’s condition, as she has completely lost the control, and her memory. Also when Sana tried to meet her with Asad, they both were completely shocked to see Zeba’s condition and they think it’s over and they won’t be able to get their Zeba back.

Will Sana be able to accept Adnan’s tragic death and how will she deal with Zeba’s case?

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In Review: Adhuri Kahani bids adieu to Adnan “Imran Ashraf”

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