Fawad Khan with his beautiful wife. Read Story Here:

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Fawad Khan with his beautiful wife. Read love story here:

Power couple Fawad Khan and Sadaf Fawad spotted together slaying at an event.


Love, at first sight, Sadaf Fawad completes Fawad Khan at every step of his life. Heartthrob Fawad Khan who can make a girl skip her heartbeat fall in love with Sadaf at his teenage. But how did it started, if you want to know the complete love story continue reading.


Fawad contemplated in Lahore Grammar School, while Sadaf went to the young ladies’ branch of a similar school. In spite of the fact that, Fawad was entranced by Sadaf and really liked her, he couldn’t assemble the valour to ask her out face to face.
Fawad met Sadaf when they were just 16 years of age. At 17 years old, Fawad met with a severe mischance where he hurt his pancreas and built up a diabetes issue. When he was still in the doctor’s facility, his companions disclosed to him that Sadaf was getting some information about him. In this way, they began talking on the web.


Fawad is that sort of a darling that each young lady longs for. Amid their romance period, Fawad demonstrated that he cherishes Sadaf unalterably and unequivocally. In any case, Sadaf’s family was extremely traditionalist, and that made an issue in the underlying period of their relationship. His vocation decision as a TV on-screen character and vocalist was not increased in value by Sadaf’s family. They needed Sadaf to wed somebody with an ordinary foundation. Fawad knew about this and to demonstrate his adoration to Sadaf’s family, he completed a nine to five occupation. At last, he got a spotless chit from the seniors and they affirmed of their match.


Fawad said “Well, the proposal was nothing dramatic. It was a simple question over the phone. Fawad proposed to me when I was sixteen and he claims that he’s been married to me the day the relationship began fourteen wonderful years ago.”


Fawad Khan and Sadaf Khan make a very adorable family with their 5-year-old son, Ayaan Khan. Fawad considers himself to be one of the luckiest men on this Earth. He cannot stop praising his wife and son.


Interesting story right?

Fawad Khan with his beautiful wife. Read Story Here:

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