Adla Khan steals Kasak Rahay Ge With Her Powerful Performance!

December 8, 2018 | 115 Views

The gorgeous and versatile budding actress Adla Khan leaves no opportunity to stun her fans

with her powerful performance in Kasak Rahay Ge.



Only seven episodes down and we have no words to praise Adla Khan and her mind-blowing craft, be it acting or her styling in Kasak Rahay Ge, the actress has proved that she is here to stay! Some of her recently aired scenes are so intense that her fans couldn’t stop themselves to make it viral. Though Adla is not the only one standing out in this play, we have Noor Hasan, Faizan Khawaja and Zainab performing extremely well in Kasak Rahay Ge.


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Kasak Rahay Ge is about a family facing some serious relationship flaws, Adla Khan who is playing Imaan recently got married to Fasih played by Faizan Khawaja is more interested in Noor Hasan, who is a rich businessman and brother in law to Imaan, however, Daniyal played by Noor Hasan, isn’t very happy with his wife Rabiya, as she is not very attractive and according to him, Rabiya is an outdated woman, that he feels ashamed while taking her to parties with his friends. Actually Rabiya and Fasih lost their parents in their early childhood and Daniyal’s mother (Phupho) took care of both Rabiya and Fasih, and she gave Rabiya a very simple lifestyle, which obviously what her son wants, in the case Imaan is very attractive and has that spark which Daniyal always wanted in his life partner, both Imaan and Daniyal are attracted to each other and Fasih and Rabiya are well aware of the fact that their partners are cheating on them. Moreover, last night when Fasih wanted to express his feeling, Imaan and Fasih meet an accident and Imaan thought it was planned, and Fasih wants her attention!



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What do you think Fasih can risk Imaan’s life to gain her attention?

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Adla Khan steals Kasak Rahay Ge With Her Powerful Performance!

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