Adhuri Kahani Review: It’s sad that Sana and Asad are losing hope!

December 14, 2018 | 28 Views

As Adhuri Kahani is progressing on a sad note, Sana and Asad are losing hope of Zeba’s recovery. It’s the 14th week of Adhuri Kahani and things are not great! Despite staying strong for weeks, Sana and Asad’s emotions are taking over their determination. As far as Farah is a concern, Asad doesn’t want to take any risks and planning to move Zeba to the hospital.



Yes guys, exactly! Zeba is continuously attacking Farah, and neither responding to Sana, how can we expect Asad to keep her without any observation, however, what Sharjeel uncle did was absolutely wrong, he faked an attack on him saying that Zeba screamed and tried to escape and while Sharjeel uncle tried to stop her she went all crazy and opened an attack on uncle, moreover, Shajeel uncle’s perfect scoop was bought by Zeba’s stepmother, who literally convinced Sana and Asad to shift Zeba to a better and secured place.



Now, we all know how badly Sharjeel uncle wanted to send Zeba to the asylum so that she can never recover, and his plan worked perfectly, that Zeba will soon be shifted to a hospital, where she won’t be able to get back to life, will she ever recover?



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Adhuri Kahani Review: It’s sad that Sana and Asad are losing hope!

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