Aadat Review Sana or Minaal Azar’s choice proved to be the best one

There’s no comparison when it comes to stubborn Sana and Kind-hearted Minaal even Farhan knows that. The problems started when Sana still hold feelings for Azar; Farhan knows that as well and manages to dunce his feelings for Minaal. Sana and Minaal are poles apart personalities. Once Farhan’s father is impressed with her qualities it looks hard for him to absorb Sana’s pessimism. And last night it was about the regret and failure.

Sana lacks in consistency. Once she decides to cut ties with Azar, later she feels insecure with Minaal and his presence together. Being an Aadat fan it’s a little complicated to gasp Sana’s attitude vs Minaal’s pleasing nature.

Azar and Sana were little to harsh with Minaal last week and to break the ice Azar came to apologize and just a scene before Ghazi Mama who is known for his farce was in a charging conversation with the new entrant in Aadat. Looks like Ghazi Mama had a complicated love story, and to sum his character Irsa Ghazal’s character was introduced. However, both look happy together and expected to sort the dots in the upcoming episodes.

Moreover, Azar’s absence creating a lot buzz in the market where Sana and Farhan are compelled to sort their agency deeds and to pull their success further they need Azar’s assistance, and for that Sana’s going to offer Azar the position he deserved.

Sana vs Minaal; Sana takes charge to disrespect Minaal even when Minaal tried to applogize for her behaviour. Even when Azar came to Minaal’s choice for breakfast and met Sana, she was pretty akward and minted stories against Minaal while offering him the position back.

Joining Sana and Farhan; and the most difficult decision for Azar to take. Even his father thinks he shouldn’t join back, and we know what Minaal thinks, let’s see what will Azar choose his sound future or Sana’s avid friendship?

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Aadat Review: Sana or Minaal; Azar’s choice proved to be the best one

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